Another day has gone by.

And the to-do list just seems to get longer.

Yes, some tasks have been finished.

And, at the same time, it seems that, for every finished thing, there come three new.

Have you ever felt like that?

Have you ever felt like you are drowning in everything you need to do?

Have you ever felt like it just gets worse, and you’re just not good enough to get everything done?

I have felt like that a million times and more.

I was killing myself over the stuff I needed to do.

I was beating myself up for everything that I didn’t do.

And the result was: I was only starting to lose my spirit.

The things that I was doing gave me no real energy, and I became drained.

I started to feel resentful towards my work and towards my life.

For me, the turnaround started when I started to work on my feminine energy.

At first, of course, it was mainly to develop my relationships with men.

But soon, I realized that living in feminine energy brought great benefits to all areas of my life.

The sad truth is that we had no role models for how to live in our feminine, not only in relation to men but also in relationship to ourselves and, specifically, in professional life.

So, what I have realized is that every time I feel urgency about something that I know is not really that urgent, every time I feel like I must do something no matter what, I’m completely in my masculine energy.

Every time when I’m judging myself for the things I didn’t do or crashing my head into the wall over what I should get done, I’m completely in my masculine energy.

Every time I’m pushing someone to do something I’m not inspired by doing, I’m completely in my masculine.

Have you ever noticed when you force yourself to do the things from your to-do list past the point of your healthy limit and your available time and energy, those things are almost never really respected or needed?

I felt so angry when I realized that.

And I feel so happy when I discovered I could live from the feminine in all aspects of my life, that my feminine energy makes me feel so much better, so much more accomplished.

To live and work from the feminine means to stop and to feel.

It means to take time.

It means to feel your way through things you’re doing and to do them in the way that feels right to you.

Can you feel the difference?

What has greater value to the world, something done from the ‘must’ or something done with the feeling of love?

Working in the feminine means working in a flow of love.

And, instead of killing yourself over a to-do list, I want you to start writing the I-have-done list.

Seriously, write down the things you have done and accomplished!

Also, write down the things you have done for yourself and for your soul!

Like: ”I watched a bird today …”

Now, please reward yourself for everything you’ve done!

Compliment yourself, admire, and celebrate.

Can you feel the difference?

For me it was a precious, life-changing tool.

It made me feel good and created better results overnight.

And, there’s a special little bonus for you when you use this tool: you become more attractive to men.

See … men feel it when we are in our feminine energy, and they feel attracted to us.

Men like it when we feel good about ourselves, and they want to be near us and add to our good feelings.

Here, please tell me your experience, I would love to talk with you.

With love,


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