I was sitting on a step in front of my studio and the smell of a cologne of a stranger passing by reminded me of a complicated love I had years before.

Katya's Art

The soft breeze of the early summertime morning refreshed the air, the smell hat got lost and I have started to wonder about simplicity.

Have you ever noticed that all the best things in life are simple?

And if you are making it too complicated, well, than you might be losing the touch with its essence.

What do you think?

I feel art is just like that. And I feel love is just like that.

Love is always unique, just like art.

You make it good by letting it live its uniqueness.

You make it good by expressing your uniqueness.

You make it good by accepting and appreciating the uniqueness of your partner.

Just as you feel art, you have to feel love.

If you are trying to make art and avoid your feelings, you get a plane boring kitsch, and it is just the same with love.

You have to allow yourself to feel.

Feel as much as you can, whatever comes up.

Feel all the rainbow of emotions.

And love brings up everything opposite to itself to be held, healed and transformed back to love.

If you shut down to your feelings, than there is nothing that a good piece of art can give you…

And nothing a person you love can give you.

What about creativity and love?

Use your senses.

All five of them! Explore.

Dive in.

The Muses of love and art love you to experiment and take delight from everything.

Have you ever done anything creative?

It doesn’t need to be art, although for me, art is practically anything, done with a feeling and authenticity.

Do you remember that feeling of creation and enjoying and exploiting in the process of not knowing what will come out?

Can you let yourself go and dive in your creativity and wonder of stepping into the unknown in your love life too?

I feel love and art are so connected, so similar.

And I feel they are both the best when they are simple.

What do you think?

Write to me.

With love,


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