I was making a sculpture and I started to think what I could do to make people realize, their natural creativity is something that can help them in so many things including love.

The clay was nicely cold on my hands, the wish to have had my hands clean died about two hours ago and I was just trying to feel the surface and make it work in harmony with the other parts of the sculpture.

I suddenly remembered there are so many people who are afraid of their creativity or they think they don’t have any.

But it’s just an illusion.

It is just a fear of our authentic selves that the strictness of the society implanted in us.

For me to be creative feels to be totally present and in alignment with my soul.

Do you have an experience like that?

Where you ever doing something and got into a space of total flow, when time just didn’t exist and the work seemed like it is working with you, not you with it?

Do you know that feeling?

It’s like when you are in a meditation and everything seems to flow into one and you’re a just a small part of everything.

I’m sure you know this feeling from some area of your life.

It might seem totally different from art or even from your understanding of creativity, but the truth is that a natural creativity makes practically any activity better.

Usually it is only that slightest difference this makes something from normal or averagely good to extraordinary, to special.

It is when you give that special touch, that personal spice to things.

When you give a piece of you to the things you do.

That’s the touch of your personal creativity, your uniqueness, your special spice.

And that’s the thing that helps you to become special and extraordinary in in everything you do.

Especially in love.

It really helps a big deal when it comes to love to give this special little personal touch, your precious personal creativity in it.

And in a slightest moment you become an artist of love.

So how can you do it, even if a thought of being creative makes you feel scared or incapable?

Firstly I really want you just stop thinking about creativity as something that only special people can do.

We all are creative one way or another just the same as we all can breathe.

So here is a little help to you to express your natural creativity.

I want you to go and do one of the usual everyday things were about to do now.

I don’t care what it is, only that is some kind of action and if it is something boring, perfect!

Then I want you to do this thing a little differently than usually.

For example:

If it is checking your phone, try to do it with other fingers than usually.

If it is walking, just try to put your feet down on the ground a little differently than usually.

If it is talking to somebody, just try to use some softer words than usually.

If it is listening to the song playing, just try to notice other words than usually.

If it is cleaning your house, just try doing it with a little different body movements then usually.

Can you do it?

And can you, please, do it with adding a spice of joy and playfulness to it?

Do you like it?

See, you are creative already!

And I think you are already having fun in it.

Do you?

And now you probably want to know how it will help you with your love life.

Well I think I didn’t really need to answer this question.

Just look around and see what kind of impact have this small creative change made on people around you.

What have you noticed?

Write to me, I would love to know.

With love,


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