Do you know anyone who just can't seem to find or stay in a happy relationship?

Even a relationship that seems "normal" to you?

Well, I was just like that.

I had been a perfect disaster in love.

...there was practically no happy love story ever since my early teens and up to the age of forty.

And over all that time, there were only a few short glimpses of love, and lots, really lots, of longing and intense emotions on my side.

I have had all kinds of imaginary relationships, I have been chasing men, I have been humiliating myself for and because of men, I have been madly loving unavailable men, I have been pushing good men away.

I have had friends with benefits, believing I would get a good relationship, but of course I didn’t, and I have had some extremely toxic relationships, believing that is the best I deserve.

So I sailed deeply into my adulthood as a single mum, with three online dating profiles and completely no clue what might I have been doing wrong about men.

And then … there came this nice spring day in 2017, when I was feeling at peace, but paralyzed, and the voice in my head started screaming to the universe, that, please, please, please, can someone tell me finally what am I doing wrong?

The next day the first information about Rori Raye's work fell into my arms totally out of the blue.

I grabbed it with both hands, bought the materials and started to study like crazy.

I was biting myself through it.

I had to read the most simple sentences several times just to understand the meaning of the words, and few more times to get the messages within.

Looking back, I wish I would have made the learning of this new, simple way of being with and attracting better men easier for me, and had hired help from the beginning.

But anyway, the results came fast.

I was suddenly seen.

Men wanted to spend time in my presence.

Every man from online dating showed interest in seeing me again.

Men in real life became kinder and interested around me.

I was invited places, given gifts and I was pursued.

I had a chance to choose.

And suddenly, it was all completely different than before; having it all became "here and now," standing in front of me and looking me into my eyes.

If you're experiencing pain and frustration in your romantic relationships, like I once was, please just write me here with your questions and unique situation, and I'll get right back to you with some genuine help:

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