Hi, This is Katja and I feel so happy you found me.

What if you could finally fix your love life and make it better than you ever hoped it could be?

And what if all you needed to do was talk personally to a trained relationship coach, who has experienced her own painful, humiliating and hopeless partnerships with men, but found her way out and made her love life amazing - so she can show you the way to do the same?

I’m here to help you be happy with men.

And I believe and feel from the most sacred corners of my heart and soul, that you can be happier in your love life than you have ever imagined you could be.

The time of crashing into dead ends with men, can finish for you right here, right now.

I feel deeply with every woman who is yearning for true love and I can help you no matter what your current situation is, if you are single, dating, in relationship or married.


Once we work together, there is a big chance you will find the process simpler than you thought it might be.


There are two big reasons for that.

First, we live in a society where we've had no healthy role models - no examples of how to be a woman who has it all.

We were practically raised to be clueless and negatively programmed about romantic partnership - and the only way of learning we've had available was trials and mistakes.

We've had no real knowledge, and no one we could really ask.

The second is that we were taught we have to work hard and change ourselves - especially when it comes to personal development.

But the truth is, for a good partnership you are already the most perfect person you can be (even if you do not feel like it), and the work that needs to be done usually takes place in the way of being, communicating and the way of owning your feelings.

You deserve to be loved and adored just the way you are!

I have become a love and relationship coach, because I believe I can help you and your unique situation in a totally different way in a way that WORKS.

We all have some kind of past training from our family, past partners and environment that's holding us back.

We all have specific “systems” in place that chain us to our old patterns and old results.

Now I know I can help you change your love life if:

You feel like you are completely unattractive to men - oh yes, I know that so well, I felt like this for ages!

You're in a partnership that takes so much more energy from you than it's giving, and you feel exhausted and like it can never be different - yes, I know that very well, I have been there for a long time!

And, yes, we can fix that!

You feel like you cannot express your intelligence and talents, your power and success, without scaring all the good men away, yes, I know that too and it is feels horrible!

But now I know you can have it BOTH – a great career and an incredible love life and family!

If you are single and you feel like there are no good men, you just cannot find a partner, yes, I know it so well. For at least three years I was fighting this feeling as a single mum.

But good, single men are there.

And they want to meet a wonderful woman like you!

...They want to build partnerships full of love with a woman like you...

And once we set your inner compass to men like that, you will see them everywhere!

They will be coming your way instantly!

If he is not calling you, he is not taking time for you, he is not thoughtful to you, you think he might have another, you want a real relationship with him, but he only wants to see you now and then…

Yes, I know that… I have been there.

And it is a horrible feeling.

But don’t worry we can fix that too!

You feel like you are too ugly, too old, too fat, too clumsy … I feel with you completely.

I really understand you and I have felt like this a million times.

But the truth is that real attraction has nothing to do with looks or age.

Real attraction just "is," and you have it deep inside of you, just because you are a woman - only, the world we live in would have you hide it so well that a man cannot see it in you.

Will you allow me to help so men will see in you a perfect Muse of love, even if you show up in pajamas, with no makeup and with the worst hair possible?

I feel and I believe you are an amazing woman and you deserve to be happy with your man.

Whatever your situation is, whatever your past is, whatever you feel you have done wrong, it is just fine - and I believe you have done the best that you could ever have done.

I want to pour a waterfall of love on you and make you feel safe and loved.

I want to take you by your hand and take you to a better place, a place, where the real love is waiting for you.

Listed above are just some of the problems I can help you with.

My teacher Rori Raye developed a system of Tools called Have The Relationship You Want – and because I'm Certified personally by Rori to use those Tools – I can get results for you quickly.

Results that’ll surprise you, shock the man you love now into seeing you completely differently, or “snap-to” the man you’re about to meet.

It’s a system of “Modern Siren” Tools that work with your natural personality and everything you’ve learned in your love life up to now – to turn everything you believe about men, love and relationship on its head and get you what you truly want!

Because I’m so confident I can help you, I want to offer you an opportunity to get a free “Try-Out” coaching session with me.

Let me know a little bit about your situation in the box below, and if I feel I can help you quickly, we’ll schedule a time to work together by phone or teleconference.

Love is all around us – and even though we say we’d give everything to have it – most of us are constantly and unconsciously pushing love away. I can help you stop blocking love, and instead let it come to you in ways you’ve never imagined.

I look forward to talking with you,



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In the coaching with Katja, I have realized from my depths what it means to be a woman. That gave me peace and brought an amazing man to me.

Maja, 49

I have never thought that communication with my husband could get better. Katja had shown me the way how to make it with a few simple steps.

Alina, 38


I believe you deserve to have a man who:

  • you can see in his eyes that you seem the most beautiful woman in the world to him, even when you look your worst,
  • would move mountains just to be with you, even if it means to turn all his life upside down,
  • and makes your happiness his highest priority.

And you can have it fast!