Love is a simple art

… only there was no place where we could have learned it!

Do you feel like you have done EVERYTHING,

truly everything … and your love life is still the same old mess?

If you do, there is nothing wrong with you!

It is just that huge negative programing of the environment and that no one had ever shown you a useful way how to step out of that unhappy circle.

Isn’t it the most bizarre and completely illogical that we all, men and women yearn for a happy love, we are mostly willing to do really a lot for it, but if you look around the statistics of genuine success is just… not good at all.

You can have a happy relationship.

You can have the most amazing love.

And what it takes are small shifts in the way you are grounded in your authentic self, the way you deal with feelings and in the way of expressing your truth...

and those shifts are something you can learn!

Love really is a simple art.

It might not be easy, but it is simple.

Can you look up to your mother and say she was the perfect role model for a happily ever after?

Do you have a girlfriend that can really give you advice that helps you succeed with men?

Is the environment you live in, giving you supportive information about love and partneship?


I know how you feel.

I felt just the same.

I am here to help.

My heart feels warm sharing what I have learned.

Contact me and let me know what your unique situation is and I’ll tell you what can be done to make it work.

I feel we live in a special evolutionary moment when new knowledge had come up and love relationships are starting to evolve to a new level of harmony and happiness.


I deeply believe love relationships can and will change for the better.


I know from my experience we can go from hopeless to amazing.


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rori, slika

Katja Is amazing. One of the finest coaches I have ever met, she is incredibly sensitive, kind, and so smart and intuitive she can sense, grasp and create a plan for your exact situation almost immediately.

She is remarkable in the way she’s able to embody such a strong sense of accomplishment while operating almost completely from feminine energy. This means she is able to inspire you to have what you want in life and love instead of having to “push” you  toward it -  which gets so much faster results.

I highly recommend Katja to any woman who has an immediate life or love situation that needs fixing, or would simply like to have “more” of everything she wants.


Rori Raye - World Class Relationship Expert, Crisis Counsellor, Actress, Author

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